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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is the difference between body type and body shape?
ABody shape is a general description of physical characteristics – such as ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph (for men), and apple, pear, triangle and hourglass (for women). Body Type indicates a distinct “model number” for your body – which includes specific physical description, weight gain patterns, nutritional needs, exercise recommendations, and a personality profile. There are 25 distinct body types.
QWhy are there only 3 or 4 body shapes for 25 body types?
ABody shapes are very general, and most people are considered a hybrid or combination of two or more shapes. Body types are more specific and are completely distinct and unique.
QWhat makes body types different?
AA body type is defined by the dominant organ (such as Stomach), gland (such as Adrenal), or system (such as Nervous System). The nutrition to properly support the dominant gland, organ or system defines the best foods, times of day to eat protein and fruit, and best types of exercise. Each body type has unique weight gain patterns, physical characteristics, and personality profile.
QCan all body types be Vegetarian?
AAbout half of the 25 body types can thrive on a vegetarian diet; the others will struggle with a vegetarian lifestyle – mostly because their bodies lack the digestive stamina to assimilate protein from vegetarian sources. A list can be found here.
QWhy do different body types need to eat differently?
AEach body type has specific "best" nutrition guides. For example if the Adrenal body type has steak and eggs for breakfast, they will be craving food all day – because steak over-stimulates the Adrenal glands. However, a Lymph body type can consume steak early in the day – as long as it's clean – since they are more sensitive to chemicals and preservatives.
QWhat does my body type have to do with Exercise?
AThe ideal exercise patterns for each body type are different. For example the Intestinal body type should exercise between 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM, otherwise they will become fatigued. The Lymph body type should exercise daily in the early morning around 7:00 AM to get everything moving for the day – without regular exercise those having the Lymph body type will experience depression.
QHow can I determine my body type?
AThere is an online body type test for women and another body type test for men. The test takes only a few minutes. After determining your body type, you will instantly receive a 60-page ebook for your body type by email.

The 25 Body Type System
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